Once again the site has been suspended
Don't worry: It will be back soon!

I will fight to bring out the Monster!

The update of the website which was planned for this month is impossible for the moment. My web hosting no longer allows me to publish pornographic content. In addition, the server has spit several times because of the overload of visits on the videos. It's a good point because it proves that more and more people like what I do and visit my site, but it put me in the crosshairs of the agents and I can't slip through the cracks. So I'm going to change hosting service, I'll head for a solution like "vicetemple.com" (the concept is nice, it's to be studied).
For months I have been working to bring you the best sissy hypnosis experience by developing a nice update to offer you quality sissy trainers on a suitable support… it will happen but we will have to wait a little longer.

Today more than ever, I need your support to help me continue. Without support from you, everything will disappear here…