The latest updates update

As you have seen in the last few months, following the deletion of my accounts on mega, I lost some of my videos and especially the projects shared with the team.
So, I have just updated the site to provide you with a better quality of visit:

The video player is in loop mode everytime and allows you to choose the playback speed. Even better, we are no longer followed or tracked by the cookies of mega[dot]nz and unlimited in downloading and viewing videos.

I don’t prefer to put videos in their original quality because my servers can’t process too large video files for several people at the same time (I reserve the original files only for download). Overall it looks good but the server overloads a bit and the site can sometimes slow down…

A website changes over time and is always being improved.
I do my best to offer you a pleasant experience on desktop and mobile. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions: send me a message.

I wish you a good visit!