Sissy VR - Feminization Program with Virtual Reality Headsets

My Next Project is going to be a VR Hypno

Hi Gurls! I was quiet for a while, but don’t worry I’m still here!
So I bring some news of my upcoming projects.
Especially for the next project that I have chosen and which will be a sissy hypnosis video in VR! I already told you about it a few months ago (here: Project VR Sissy Hypno) and I’m starting to move forward little by little…

The first video renderings are a success, I managed to apply effects as I wish and by trying on the Oculus headset the result is great!

On the other hand, I have to work on two different planes: for the left eye and the right). Usually My projects look like real architect’s building plans, there it will be even more gigantic.

There’s another aspect, the available stuff I’m working on is all in “active” mode.. I need videos where the cameraman is a CameraGurl and she gets a big dick in her little hole while she films (hard to find). I’m going to try to spin things with captions by specifying that:
“it’s you you see”…

I will try to engage sissies who have VR headsets by uploading test videos. I’ll let you know.

That’s it for the news. The year 2022 will see my first Hypno in VR, and if possible, also PSV which is in creation too.

Kisses Gurls and continue to see life with Pleasure ★