Hell..Ooh Sissies Gurls!

Sorry for not giving news for a long time, I had to leave my home to live a fantastic and very evil relationship with a dominant master in Switzerland whom I met on Recon.
In fact, I’ve been through a lot in the last few months, I’ve been fucked beyond belief, and I’ve lost a lot of the innocent little sissy I may have been in the old days (depravity has a price). Anyway, I’m getting back to my little life and I’m coming back even stronger and happy to live.
I haven’t used the internet for several months,, I’m just moving in and I’m just discovering all your messages in my mailbox… thx for all your enthusiastic messages!
(I need a week to answer all of you )

…The following

As I announced to you, I’m creating a VR sissy hypno video.
I’m not showing you much for the moment, what is certain is that I have made progress to make this type of video.

Vr Hypno Sissy Caption Horny Sissy Gurl - You Need The Dick
Next Sissy Vr hypno Preview

The work is much longer because the definition of the renderings is much higher: we go from 1080*1920 to 3840*2160px and the computer is quite slow
(I need more power: a macpro)

For those who are interested, I made this video only for VR headset (doesn’t work on phone). I don’t want to advertise, but on an oculus quest it’s perfect… I don’t know how it looks on others; I will post a preview video to get your feedback.

Sissy VR Poppers trigger with VR headset

I have few little things to fix in my life (I skip the details) and I’ll get back to work to hypnotize you with the rest of my video program ☺

Well, I hope you didn’t miss me too much and that we can still have fun together even more.