Happy new year Sissies!

I couldn’t give you any news before to wish you happy holidays. We are a few days before the end of the month and there is still time, so I wish you a happy new year, lots of good things and especially sex!
I have prepared a very small gift to be forgiven and I hope you will appreciate it.

Download the Gift
“In 2023 you will taste more hypnos”

I’m going to make many changes to the site with new concepts (like these short videos that work on a loop…) which will deprave you in depth throughout your visit to this site.
I’m finally home and I’m starting to have more time to work on my next hypnos. I say that because I saw recently that people still support me despite the fact that I haven’t put any new content online since this summer. So I want to tell these friends that I will not forget them for future projects <3
Have fun with this little gift but don’t get stuck 🤪
I kiss you Gurls!