I'm Penelope, creator of the Hypnocypher project.
In 2017, I started to create sissy hypnosis videos (brainwashing version) to help those who want to become a Good Feminized and Submissive Sissies Sluts.
Those mind control hypnosis videos uses both traditional hypnosis techniques, secret hypnosis and brainwashing, brain wave technology, subliminal messages, commands, post suggestion, implantation of new triggers, arousal triggers and erotic addiction to real men (Alpha).

These intense mind control / brainwashing techniques make your mind very vulnerable, so that the program of transforming your mental state "Straight" to "Beta Sissy" can work.
Hypnotic suggestion causes a succession of steps that reduce conflict in your brain. This is why you feel more and more peaceful while watching my videos.
In addition, the fact that these hypnos are created to be watched in loop increases the final results.
My goal is to offer you more enjoyable and better quality content than what we usually watch.